Skill Assessment


Many jobs in IT security require a high level of technical skills from the applicants. You also want motivated and committed employees. The Hacking Lab Skill Assessment lets you engage the applicants early on, even before the first interview. To do this, you send potentially interesting candidates to the Hacking Lab first, where they have to solve a set of security challenges. There are different tasks depending on the profile. Only people who are really interested in the vacancy will invest their efforts and solve the tasks in the Hacking Lab. Unmotivated blind applications will be eliminated automatically. However, the job applicants not only have to solve challenges correctly but also document their work with a write-up. The Hacking Lab Skill Assessment Service gives you the opportunity to get to know your applicants better by learning about their motivation, skills and written language before the first interview. This process allows you to increase the quality in the recruitment of security specialists.

Target group

This offer is aimed at the HR and lead security specialists:

  • Head of SW Development
  • Head of SOC (Security Operations Center)
  • Head of Security, Internal Pentests, Forensics
  • HR (Human Resources)