Software as a Service (SaaS)


Students acquire an in-depth understanding of cyber-attacks, hacking, social engineering, detection, incident response, hardening and mitigation through guided learning and applying methods both theoretically and practically. Finally, students can showcase their hands-on cyber security skills.

The platform is used in a wide range of classrooms, from high schools to universities of applied sciences internationally. Several international companies use Hacking-Lab as their core hands-on lab platform in their everyday training environment.

Skill Assessments

In cyber security, it's not enough to test candidates' conceptual understanding of the topics, but rather their mastery of the required method skills must be assessed. The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range provides a safe environment ideally suited to evaluating cyber security professionals' skills.

Whether it's for finding the right new colleague in recruitment or determining who's ready to earn their degree, the platform offers both the infrastructure and the content - if requested developed to specification - to evaluate cyber security skills.

CTF Events

The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range supports Jeopardy CTF competitions, red vs. blue team battles and attack / defense exercises pitting multiple teams against each other.