Cyber games

Jeopardy CTF

You are a company or a security conference that wants to offer a hacker game or Capture the Flag (CTF)? A Jeopardy CTF event lets you organize a great event to attract new security staff or promote your existing team members. You are in the organizing committee of a security conference and would like to offer a hacking/cracking or CTF competition? In Jeopardy CTF, single players or teams try to solve a set of hacking challenges to earn points. The harder the challenges the more points you can earn. The person or team that has earned the most points wins the CTF competition. Jeopardy CTFs can last between a few hours and several days. The challenges can be put together from the various security areas such as cryptography, reverse engineering, web and mobile security, penetration testing, forensics and network technology. During the competition, the results are displayed via a ranking service, so that outsiders can also follow the course of the challenge.

Target group

Jeopardy CTFs are meant for the following target groups:

  • Companies that want to organize a cool talent recruiting event
  • Conferences that want to offer their own gaming / hacking track
  • Organizations that offer hacker qualification (e.g. the European Cyber Security Challenge)
  • Countries that organize national elimination competitions for cyber talent

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