Cyber games

Attack & Defense CTF

The Attack & Defense CTF is the ultimate discipline of Capture the Flag events. In this competition, participants not only have to solve Jeopardy challenges but also have to defend their own server while attacking the other teams’ servers at the same time. The coordination within the team and the ability to infiltrate foreign computers while securing your own system are crucial. There are points for Attack & Defense, Availability, Pwn and Jeopardy. The Attack & Defense CTF is a training method for experts and is not meant for beginners. It is played exclusively in teams. Have we piqued your interest yet? We’ll be happy to help you organize your next Attack & Defense CTF.

Target group

Attack & Defense CTFs are meant for the following target groups:

  • Companies that want to offer a training event for their own security teams
  • Conferences that want to offer a CTF event for experts
  • Organizations that want to offer an event for experts